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    Rize Castle

    The castle is built on an area of 480 m² on the south-west of the city center. It consists of inner and lower qualities. It is thought that your interior was built in the period of Justinian I. (527-565) and the lower one was built in the 13th century.

    The area around the castle is operated as a tea garden with the surrounding landscaping. The city is one of the ideal spots in the city center for cruising.


    It is one of the most remarkable works of the region. It is 15 km from the town center. to the south, on the western slopes of the Fırtına Deresi. The steep rock mass which is built on the castle is about 100 m from 750 m creek bed. In height. Castle; outer walls, middle walls and inner walls. The outer door is reached by a path in the northwest direction. With the help of a terrace, you reach the level of the middle walls. From here a second gate is used to enter the castle. There are three important buildings inside the central fortress. These are guard house, chapel and head tower. It is understood from the beams of the joists and beams in the walls that the wreck is four stories high. There are arched windows in the east (valley, landscape) direction on the walls and pit holes in the other side. It has been determined that it is a terraced terrace. Zilkale, Kale-i Bala, Ciha Kale and Kız Kaleleri, both on the road and on the important medieval caravan route reaching İspir. It is known that the Ottomans continued to be used after the conquest of the region.

    Kız Kalesi

    Pazar is located on a small peninsula west of the district center. The castle, which is on a rocky ground, is cut off from the land. The smooth stone work on the walls is striking. Although the exact date of its construction is not known, it is estimated to have been built in the 13th or 14th centuries. Today it stands alone with a watchtower.

    Ayder Plateau

    It has 1350 meters of rake. It is the starting point of the climb to the Kaçkar Mountains made from the north. Typical highland house concept from the bungalows on the plateau, many lodging options from the family pension to the hotel are available.

    It is the most popular tourism center of Rize and one of the most preferred resorts in the region with its rich flora and fauna as well as its spa.

    Botanical Tea Garden

    The park in the city center is a frequent spot for those who want to meet nature, from the panoramic viewpoints of the Rize Castle to the Black Sea and the city. The tea garden, which serves as a cafe, makes the place a suitable option for those who are looking for light snacks, not just those looking for a pleasant view.

    the plants have been grown in the region as well as adapt to the humid climate and Turkey were brought from various parts of trees and flowers park makes an attractive case.

    Rize Museum

    The "Yellow House", a 19th century civil architecture example in Piriçelebi Neighborhood, is today a city museum. Archaeological artifacts, coins and ethnographic artifacts are exhibited in the museum. Traditional building materials and techniques are used in the building of the museum building which is one of the regional architectural features. Today, there are various ethnographic artifacts and showcase displays in the museum. There are 76 archaeological works, 594 coins, 1129 ethnographic works, and a total of 1799 works are on display.